EcoMentor: Sophia Cheng

I will be your imperfect guide as you make the steps towards a less carbon-intensive lifestyle. I’ve immersed myself in this world but I’m not going to pretend I know it all, I’ll be right alongside you on this journey.

Find out a little bit more about me below:

A long time traveller and communicator, I have not been a lifelong activist. Having professionalised my activism, the weight of the problem did not sink in for many years. While slow creeping towards a more ethical lifestyle, I turned towards activism with fervour after reading the UN’s climate report in October 2018.

That report – and letting myself feel it – changed everything. After travelling for 4 years I have returned to the UK to be as useful as I can in the time we’ve got left.

My focus is impact.
I thought about blogging more, starting a podcast or even a Youtube channel. I realised I like working with people in small groups or 121 and I wanted to see impact. I prefer small concrete changes rather than big page view stats.

So I developed this project to help people make an impact in their life. Navigating the climate science, the decision fatigue and information overwhelm about what steps to take. Holding a safe space for difficult topics. And that much needed accountability that moves us from intention to action.

What other people have said


I found the EcoMentor process so helpful! Sophia’s enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. Previously, I had felt overwhelmed and unsure what I could do as an individual to make positive changes with real impact. Through the process I was able to identify and action some tangible steps and it felt really good and empowering to tick those off. Having the support of a mentor to tackle what is sometimes a scary topic really helped to alleviate the fear.


Sophia is like a good friend who helps you understand the complex topics around climate change, sustainability and social justice. She’s lovely, passionate and never patronising. Since being mentored by Sophia I have made big changes to my lifestyle. The best part is that I don’t feel like I’m making any sacrifices, instead, I feel empowered and adventurous.


Working with Sophia opened my eyes to a lot of environmental issues that I was not aware of before. Her brilliant questionnaire alone already steers your awareness to a diverse range of topics. It made me evaluate what I can do (differently) BUT working with her also made very clear that we are facing a structural problem. This doesn’t take the responsibility off our shoulders but it completely shifted my take on environmental activism and I’ll be forever grateful.

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Practising Gratitude

Thank you to an old boss of mine who gave me the idea in a passing comment.

Thank you to the women from the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle, particularly Marie-Anne  Chaloupecky, Jennifer Lachs and Monisha Bajaj. I have never encountered such a relentlessly supportive group, who believed I could make something of this, even when I couldn’t.

Thank you to Louise and Maddy for the logo. I love it.

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