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Navigating the world in the middle of a climate and ecological crisis is difficult, we are in unchartered territory.

Get a helping-hand and mentor as you prepare for a less carbon-intensive future.

Want to know more before you decide? Keep reading and scrolling…

Since you made it here – first, take a breather – this stuff is hard, overwhelming and scary.

Does any of this ring true for you?

You might not be clear on the nitty gritty but you know that the climate and ecological crisis is real and imminent. You’ve been thinking about it for a while and you acknowledge more needs to be done. 

To turn this ship around you recognise we have to make big structural changes. As an individual you want to prepare yourself for a less carbon-intensive future. 

You’ve made some good steps but you could do with a bit of extra help. You’re asking yourself; What changes will have the most impact? What is realistically feasible for you? What is your place in the movement?

What’s the story? Is it really very bad?

The most conservative of UN reports (2018) stated that we have 11 years to shift away from carbon intensive industries and activities. Because carbon dioxide takes a while to reach its greenhouse gas potential, we’ve already ‘locked in’ temperature increases, so things will get worse before it has a chance of getting better. We have to act now to avoid what is known as ‘runaway climate change.’

Another very conservative UN report (2019) looked at biodiversity; 1 million of the 7 million species we know about are at threat from extinction within the next few decades. Many of the insects we rely on to pollinate our food are at risk as well. We are in what has been named the ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’.

We as a species/civilisation need to get to net carbon zero and halt biodiversity loss within the next 10-20 years. And we need to do it fairly. Individual actions will never be enough – it needs collective action and systems change. But we also want to practically prepare for a less carbon intensive future.

We’re gonna need all the help we can get.

OK, how does the EcoMentor thing work?

Congratulate yourself – your curiosity brought you this far so you’re already on a good footing – you know you’re ready to do more.

Complete a short but important survey that encourages you to explore where you’re at:
👉🏽 acknowledge what you’re already doing
👉🏽 identify areas in your life where you’d like to do more
👉🏽 admit where you put up barriers
👉🏽 and most importantly – your values

Book in a 45 min consultation with your EcoMentor – to connect and explore your EcoAudit. We’ll identify three actions you will take.

Receive your personal EcoAction plan and statement of commitment – now you’re ready to act.

Check back in with your EcoMentor briefly 2 more times for personalised workshops and to let off steam and re-engergise.

Join a small but mighty community of budding EcoMentees all muddling through together. (coming soon)

You will need to commit approximately 3 hours of your undivided attention over a 2 month period to give yourself the highest chance of getting the ball rolling + the time you will spend on your positive planet actions.

What others have said


I found the EcoMentor process so helpful! Sophia’s enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. Previously, I had felt overwhelmed and unsure what I could do as an individual to make positive changes with real impact. Through the process I was able to identify and action some tangible steps and it felt really good and empowering to tick those off. Having the support of a mentor to tackle what is sometimes a scary topic really helped to alleviate the fear.


Sophia is like a good friend who helps you understand the complex topics around climate change, sustainability and social justice. She’s lovely, passionate and never patronising. Since being mentored by Sophia I have made big changes to my lifestyle. The best part is that I don’t feel like I’m making any sacrifices, instead, I feel empowered and adventurous.


Working with Sophia opened my eyes to a lot of environmental issues that I was not aware of before. Her brilliant questionnaire alone already steers your awareness to a diverse range of topics. It made me evaluate what I can do (differently) BUT working with her also made very clear that we are facing a structural problem. This doesn’t take the responsibility off our shoulders but it completely shifted my take on environmental activism and I’ll be forever grateful.

Sounds interesting but what will it cost me?

That’s up to you. 

I will dedicate a minimum of 5 hours of my time to you.

There is a sliding scale, you select the amount most suitable for you and 25% of it will be pledged to planet-positive organisations that have been independently assessed to have the most impact: then you will have the final decision.

If you want to work together but the standard rate is out of reach at the moment, send me a message or hit the button. Includes £15 donation.

This is the cost to make EcoMentor sustainable. Includes £30 donation.

Support EcoMentor longer-term by paying more. Includes £50 donation.

Here’s an idea: purchase for a curious friend.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, honestly. If you’re ready – then I’m ready to listen and help you act.

I politely ask that time-wasters need not apply. Same goes for climate deniers or delayers.

This homo-sapien ain’t got no time for that. 


I am not a health professional or scientist, I am a concerned citizen of the world, avid reader, learner and a professional communicator.

I’m establishing if such a programme facilitates a small shift in people’s mindset and behaviours that we will need to see the world over if we are to change the course of our species.

Please take your personal plan with common sense.

And lastly,

👋🏼 I’m Sophia – hi – you can read more about me over here.